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Making Dabatag films are not only a good way of showing insights into the inspiration behind designs and behind the scenes into the printing of the t-shirts, but it’s also great fun. To be honest, the latter is the main reason we keep making them.

Each film starts with a concept that I’ve thought of, then my good friend Fergus films every video. Fergus has great talent with his camera and helps my ideas really come to life. He not only gets some quality shots, but he always makes filming the videos good fun. Filming the videos can take from a couple of hours to over a few days like the most recent mini video. Editing the videos usually takes me over a week to get the final film complete with it all matched up to the music.

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the most recent Dabatag film.

Behind the scenes of a Dabatag film

Shown in the photo is Fergus filming from the crane and Will driving it, a friend who kindly helps out every so often.

Will drove Fergus in the crane to get the airiel shots for the Dabatag film.

 The Dabatag mini film. Getting the caps from the embroiderers in Norwich to the Dabatag tudio shop. (caps available from

Here’s a little behind the scenes video I’ve put together from the mini video. For this film we used a Camera and a Go pro on a stick. (Watch out for the go pro knocking off the mini’s mirror in the middle of the film!)

 And here’s what the final film looked like if you haven’t seen it already. 

Hopefully we’ll be able to keep making videos as it’s great fun filming them and I also genuinely enjoy editing them.

Here's the link to the Dabatag YouTube channel... Dabatag YouTube  -  Be sure to Subscribe so you can be the first to see the upcoming videos!

And here's a link to the Caps if you want to get yours... Caps

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the videos as much as we enjoy making them.

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