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‘Anomaly’ and ‘Another League’ are two of the designs in the Dabatag store that are based on words. These are also best sellers.

Anomaly and Another League minimalistic t-shirt design by Dabatag. Anomaly- Grey series, Another League- Black series. Simplistic minimal fashion graphics. Available on the Dabatag store -

The thing about having a design which includes words is that you have to get it right in two ways. Firstly the words have to look good and when there is more than one word, they have to be able to interact and look good together. Secondly the meaning of what they say has to be something that you would want to wear and that represents you. Having both these is essential and with only one of them, the design is useless. I feel it is also important for the t-shirt and what the t-shirt says to represent the brand, Dabatag.


The concept of the ‘Anomaly’ design was created before choosing the word. The idea was to have a box in the middle of the t-shirt and, unlike the standard choice of putting the word in the middle, I wanted the word to represent the idea of thinking outside the box, but also to have the actual word sticking out of the box.



 noun       1. something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

 Anomaly looked the part on the design as well as representing the concept of the design that ‘deviates from what is standard.’


‘Another League’ was approached in a different way to ‘Anomaly’. With this design I knew I wanted to create a t-shirt which says Another League on it. It is sometimes difficult to remember how or why an idea for a design gets into your head, but I had a feeling it would look great written on a t-shirt. At this point it involved a lot of rough sketches, just playing around with the two words. After I had the concept of flipping ‘League’ upside down and using the L to separate the words I created and perfected the design on my laptop.

Another League. A Dabatag design available at A mimimalistic, simple graphic as Part of the Dabatag Black Series.

Last week I printed the 'Anomaly' design on black (below) and I really liked it so I've added it to the Black series on the store. You can check it out by clicking here.

Anomaly is available from the Dabatag store now on black as part of the Dabatag Black series. Grey Screen Printed on Black t-shirt in a simplistic, minimalistic fashion design. Available on the Dabatag store at


Still, for me, the favourite part of running a t-shirt brand is creating the designs and that is what I am doing at the moment. New designs will be out soon and I can’t wait to release them and share on these blogs the concepts behind them.

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