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In choosing the name, I wanted to choose something that had a rhythm to it and that also looked good just written on its own. Dabatag is Somalian for the Somalian animal called a dibatag which is similar to a gazelle. The literal translation is Daba meaning tail and tag meaning up so it means ‘tail up’. The Somalian word Dabatag had a much better ring to it than dibatag in my opinion and I thought the 4 letters surrounding the 3 A’s looked pretty good. My favourite thing about the animals is the fact that hardly anyone has heard of them and that they are so uncommon. There are estimated to be less than 500 of them around today and this, as well as the fact they are extremely elusive means they are really rare to see. I wanted to reflect that characteristic in my brand as I wanted to show that a Dabatag t-shirt isn’t just something ordinary.


Dibatag or Dabatag T-shirts

Next week I'll be showing the process behind creating my logo inspired by these animals so make sure to check out the website and have a look. Thanks to everyone who shares these blogs, it's much appreciated.


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