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So, the other day I was at a market and a man came up and was taking photos of the t-shirts and my stall. He then started talking to me and asking questions about the designs on each t-shirt. I don’t usually like to explain the ideas behind the designs, because I like the idea of people making their own conclusions. However this man was really pushing me to say what they represent almost trying to catch me out and then pointed out "100 Fields" and asked me to explain it. I wasn’t really sure if he was just messing with me or not, but I explained the concept and he then got his wallet out and bought 3 of that same design. I am grateful to that man for pushing me to sell the ideas behind t-shirts because it made me realise that people want to know if there is a story behind something and if there is one, they want to know it.

For that reason I thought I’d be pretty foolish not to tell more people about the concept behind the designs or show how they came about. This is why I will write about the design/idea process for my t-shirts, starting today with that same design the man asked me to explain.

Unlike pretty much all of my other designs, the ideas behind "100 Fields" did not start in my sketch book but was created straight onto my laptop. I wanted to somehow create a t-shirt representing Norfolk (where I live) but in a simplified way.

So I took a cross section of a part of the countryside that represented Norfolk well and that also worked well in terms of the shapes the fields created. I then simplified exactly 100 of the fields into 100 shapes, creating the design.




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